Where in France Can I Work?

If you join the LBV network, using any of our two earning opportunities,  the simple answer to this question is: 'Almost anywhere in France'. Because we allocate exclusive territories to LBV Network members, and because integration into a local area is a fundamental part of the success of our Franchising operation, if you're planning to re-locate to France you can choose to work in any area that has not already been allocated to another member.

Alternatively, if you already live in France and your local area is still available then you can apply to reserve that for your exclusive use. The map below gives a snap-shot of our Network, but new members are joining all the time so please contact us to discuss the availability of any area you may be interested in.  


france map june 2020


So, because our network is still growing, the geographical choice of where to work is really quite immense. Wherever you decide to call 'home' - perhaps the lavender fields of Provence, the lush fields of Pays-de-la-Loire or the sun-soaked beaches of Brittany - we will be there with support and help that is just a phone call away.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the opportunities themselves, or call Bureau Central for a chat on +33 (0)5 62 29 26 62.



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