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The LBV Group started in France in 2002 and comprises a range of companies offering complementary property services across a very broad spectrum - from planning new builds, to managing rental properties, to advising on tax for property owners. Whether you're buying, selling, converting, renting or simply keeping a beautiful French home as a holiday destination, we can help you make the most of the experience. Speak with any of our companies and you'll find us helpful and supportive - because we never forget you have a choice!

Icon French Plans French Plans offers a unique planning and design service throughout France. With French-registered architects we can deal with all types of planning application - Residential (renovation, conversion, new build or extension) and Commercial (retail, licensed trade, office and industrial). We also offer a range of project management services designed to deliver your project in a professional manner and on time. All your French planning requirements under one roof. French Plans will help with any size of project at highly competitive prices.
Icon-Immo LBVImmo can help if you are looking to buy or sell a property in two popular areas in France – North West France and Provence. Whatever your budget, whatever your dream, we have a range of properties for you to choose from. With a small but perfectly formed team of agents in those two areas, LBVImmo offers you the same level of care that has made LBV a trusted name for all property-related matters in France.
Icon-LBV Les Bons Voisins(LBV) is proud of its reputation as the first extensive network of property managers in France. Imagine being able to sit back and relax, knowing that your French property is in the best possible hands. With LBV that dream becomes a reality. Les Bons Voisins can provide a friendly and professional property manager operative local to you.
Icon-LBV LBVFranchise outlines the latest Business Opportunities with LBV. If you're looking to make a living in France, and are interested in exploring the business opportunities we offer within the sphere of property management, then why not talk to us now? We provide an established brand image, excellent training and full, on-going support, enabling you to relax and enjoy your life in France. We offer opportunities in most areas of France, either as an LBV network member or as an agent for one of our service companies. Why not call for a chat? We're friendly, positive and easy to talk to.

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