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At LBV we like our Franchisees to succeed and have a fulfilling career with us. We achieve that in several ways: by selecting the best people from the applications we receive, by training them to cope with all the situations they are likely to encounter, and by making sure they are prepared for the big changes they'll face when relocating to France and beginning a brand-new career.

The articles in this section are intended to help with the last of these. They are pulled from various sources and cover the key points we feel potential applicants should consider, including how much effort is involved in relocating to France and various options for earning a living while they are here.

Please use these links to view them: 

1. Relocating to France - Sally's Story (Interview with French Entree)

2. Our First Year as Property Managers by Amanda Givans

3. Earning a living in France by Sally Stone

4. Moving to France - Dream or Nightmare? by Sally Stone

5. Interview with Sally Stone by 'International Living' magazine

6. Relocation Checklist - things to consider when moving to France


relocation checklist


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