About LBV

Les Bons Voisins (LBV) was started in 2002 by CEO Sally Stone. (You can read more about its foundation and about Sally's experience of relocating to France.)

For its first few years LBV was concerned solely with property management, providing a comprehensive range of management services (such as key-holding, security checks, garden maintenance ... a full list of LBV services can be found here) to homeowners all over France. It grew into a nationwide network providing a franchise business opportunity to entrepreneurial Francophiles who were looking for ways of earning a living in France.

Later it expanded its range in order to offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution to all property-related problems. LBV joined forces with French Plans, the national planning applications company, and then launched LBV Immo, a France-based estate agency, to assist buyers and sellers with acquiring or disposing of property. It also launched The Gite Doctor, an online resource for homeowners who were not within reach of an LBV Network member. 

Today, LBV continues to grow by adding new members to its expanding team of franchisees. Currently it offers franchisees a choice of two earning opportunities, details of which can be found here.

The help we supply to our Franchisees can come from one of the team at Bureau Central - our head office - from their personally appointed mentors, or from a fellow franchisee. (It's important to emphasise that  LBV Network members aren't in competition with each other. Because everyone works within exclusive territories, they're fellow team-mates. That's the beauty of a supportive Network. New member are surprised at how much we all help each other.)

Also, our internal forum can be used for quick reference or lengthy questions - remember a network is made up of threads woven together, which makes it strong!

Finally, every three months new members receive their own copy of Network News, our in-house publication that's a great source of advice, tips, stories from other franchisees and numerous informative articles. 





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