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LBV offers Property Management with a difference. As our publicity says: 'A one-stop-shop solution for home owners in France'.

Extensive training and ongoing support help us retain our high profile and good reputation.

Professional Advertising makes sure you reach the people who need your services.

We will work with you to ensure that this opportunity is right for you, and that you are right for the network.

No hard sell - no guarantees either - but a real, genuine business opportunity with built in safety net!

Sally Stone, Arthur Cutler and Verity Reeve

Though many people crave the freedom and rewards of running their own business, starting one from scratch can be a daunting challenge, especially in a 'foreign' country where one may not speak the language fluently. Taking a franchise package with an established company, especially within France where the franchise industry is very highly regulated and respected by both prospective clients and local artisans, provides an easier route to those wishing to exercise control over their earnings and working hours.



The LBV Property Management Opportunity...

A business opportunity in France for versatile people with organisational ability and good interpersonal skills.

Background: Established in 2002, Les Bons Voisins (LBV) offers comprehensive property management services in France through a nationwide network of pro-active professional people, all working to the same high standard. They meet clients' needs - both practical and administrative - to ensure that their ownership of French property is as painless as possible.

Good, reliable, local caretakers are a huge boon to absentee property owners and France has the highest number of second homes in any country in the world. We also help with advertising and marketing to those clients who rent out their property for commercial return.

We use our local knowledge and contacts to provide - or organise on their behalf - anything our clients need. This might be anything from holding their keys, to checking their property on a regular basis, to taking enquiries from potential guests, to assisting with property maintenance ... at LBV we do it all! Our aim is to provide a one-stop, peace-of-mind solution to homeowners.

Business Opportunity: Investing in an LBV Property Management Franchise offers you a complete 'business in a box'. You'll be your own boss but with the backup of a great support team that will help you to market and promote your services, provide you with training and mentoring, and assist with business registration, accounting and everything else you'll need to make a success of your new life in France. This opportunity is ideal for a couple wishing to work together and redeploy their existing skills for the benefit of clients.

What Franchisees receive in return: In addition to the standard 'package' (exclusive territory, training course, operations manual, etc.) there is a complete framework for you to work within as well as all the 'props' that you might need. These include everything from standard email responses, to requests for help and assistance, through to how to manage your clients' requirements and build a loyal client bank that will provide ongoing income. 

Everyone needs business support of some sort and you may feel that a Les Bons Voisins Franchise could offer you the chance to run your own business - with all the rewards and satisfaction that brings - with the backing of our experience to help you at all times. 

It is far easier to run a business that is already successful than it is to create one from scratch. Our national and international marketing attracts French property owners from all over the world, providing a framework to help you run a successful business as part of a national property management network.

Suitable applicants: No prior experience is necessary as full training will be given, but suitable applicants will have good 'people skills', a professional approach to providing reliable services, experience of working on their own initiative and without supervision,  and the ability to manage their time effectively.

The cost to join: Total initial investment (franchise fee + stationery + training): €25,000 + VAT. There is an ongoing monthly subscription and a contribution for Network and Regional advertising, both of which are modest and not a percentage of income. Full details are in our Information Pack, available on request by completing the form here.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the opportunities themselves, or call Sally Stone for a chat on + 33 (0)2 96 24 74 27.

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