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Relocation Checklist

Thinking of moving to France?  The key to a smooth and painless move is good preparation - both practical and mental. It reduces stress and decreases the amount of work involved. The following list is taken from our main article on the subject. You can read the full article here

As soon as possible ...

Start French lessons
Give notice at work
Obtain EHIC 

2 months before ...

Removals quotes
Transport insurance 

1 month before ...

Ferry tickets
Cancel Council tax
Electoral register
Terminate lease
Notice of new address 

2 weeks before ...

Cancel utilities
Mail redirection

If you have animals...

3 months before ...


2 months before...


1 month before...


If bringing a car...

2 months before ...

DVLA address change
Export certificate 

1 month before...
Update car insurance 

Our full article has more details on the above as well as additional information on Looking for a Property in France and preparing yourself emotionally for your new life.



1. Choose your location carefully. Don’t isolate yourself. If you do it will hamper the networking which is an essential part of any new business.


2. Prepare realistic budgets and projections. Your business will be a new start up with limited turnover so expecting it to fund your lifestyle within a few months is unrealistic.


3. Take advice ... and not purely from internet forums where opinion is often passed off as fact! Be prepared to chat with professionals. 


4. Ask yourself: 'Is there a need for my business in France?'  Is it a tried and tested concept?  Do potential customers have the budget to buy your product or service? 


5. Define your market and research it. Are there other people in the area doing the same thing?  If so, this need not be bad! It means there is a demand upon which you can capitalise!


6. Study the French language or you are handicapping yourself. This part takes effort but it will reward you many times over. Your skill with the French language will be part of your business requirement.


7. Research how 'new business start ups' work in France, and be aware of the social charges one is obliged to pay when running a business.  


8. Don’t completely reinvent yourself and expect that it will work, especially given that you'll be in a new country too. Utilise your old skills, perhaps in a slightly new way.


9. Your qualifications may not be recognised in France without further study and examinations. Do your research and check with the office local appropriate to your base. 


10. Consider a franchise. More and more of those planning to live in France are hoping to start a business and earn a living, so competition is increasing.  Consider a franchise from an established business with a good reputation. The hand-holding can really help your dream come true!


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